Let´s make your customers enjoy a great  close up show (tricks with coins, cards, clocks) and more.


Offering a new service where customers can enjoy bar or restaurant magic closely with a professional international experience.
  • Comic, shocking  and funny clouse up show.
  • Aproach your timeout with attractive activities for your bussines.
  • Demonstration of magic at each table promoting personalized attention.
  • It is promotes as value added recommendations to increase new customers, commenting on all your friends and family of the service quality and innovators who are the managers of the restaurant.
  • Clients will never feel delay in service, while they wait for their meal will be entertained with magic to the letter.
  • The client leaves satisfied after such excellent service and extraordinary magician.


  • Carlos Lorgia performs tricks of 3-6 per table (help, yes there is a delay in the kitchen ever client will notice).
  • The waiter will make a gesture to Carlos Lorgia to indicate the time that should be on the table of diners.


  • Includes: Materials required for each show clouse up.
  • Investment: According to previous deal to benefit both parts.