Providing an innovative service where members of the school to raise funds for different activities and operations of the center, as physical repairings, the year-end trip, parties celebration, purchase of equipment, etc..


  • Comic show,shocking, funny and family court which promotes the participation of the educational community.
  • Carlos Lorgia  makes an announcement on the school’s morning assembly, doing a demonstration and advertising activity, this will motivate the student attendance.
  • As a fund raiser, the ticket price can be adjusted to resources as appropriate to the characteristics of the student population.


  • The college or school is responsible for printing and ticket sales, sound and security in the event.
  • The money raised will be divided into 50% for the institution and 50% for the magician.
  • The duration of the show will depend on the amount charged per ticket, ranging from 45 minutes, an hour or hour and a half.


  • Includes: International Magician and professional quality materials for tricks.
  • Investment Education Center: 50% of the total collected. Ticketing logistics and sound.