Carlos Lorgia has been multifaceted in their Magician´s life, has performed several activities as an actor, broadcaster, among others.


  • Christmas´Magic (Disney and Wallmark show )
  •  Co-star in the role of the magician Merlin taking only the work for more than 15 minutes, developing histrionic hand with great success.


  • Acting in La Media Docena show (special guest). Costa Rica.
  • ODISEA  Program, 85 TV shows. Colombia.
  • “LA RIOLINA” show directed by Pepe Sánchez. Colombia.
  • “El club 10” Show, Caracol. Colombia

TV Advertising:

  • Tropical´s commercial (juices of Costa Rica ).
  • Don Francisco presenta commercial´s show.
  • Commercial for others TV shows.
  • Commercial magic set.
  • Commercial magic DVD.

Magic International Festivals


  • Catwalk modeling for shoes, belt, casual cloth, formal cloth.

Events´ Presentation:

  •  Announcer and host of events to parades, corporate events and product launches.
  • Commercial voice (Voice of for commercial).