Social Clubs


Providing an innovative service where children, families of club members, to enjoy a extraordinary staying magic with a course taught by a professional with international experience.


  • Satisfied customer comments to all their families and friends about the quality and variety enterteinment activities service.
  • The magician may pass before making and announcing a demonstration activity, this would motivate members, but entertains while doing various activities on the premises.
  • Being a multi-day activity, promotes stay and family members in the club, which involves the use of other services.


  • Children are actively involved learning to perform tricks with professional quality material.
  • The magician’s assistant learn a amazing trick each of the five days.
  • Upon completion of the course, the magician Carlos Lorgia make a great show where you choose 5 assistants who will demonstrate his skills as magic.


  • Includes: Course, practice, materials and closing the final show with students.
  • Minimum: 20 boys or girls