Carlos Lorgia is the youngest of a long dynasty of magicians , men and women who for more than a century have left their mark on the minds of generations surprised . A dynasty that matches the destination magical those born from the hands of another Lorgia , a German who in the late nineteenth century amazed Europeans.

That is, Carlos Arturo Sandoval Lorgia , as is his full name and real, is the fifth generation of this line of magicians who came to Colombia embraced by an Italian ( Gustavo Lorgia ) who left their land by a Colombian´s girl, with whom married later.

The couple had their first son would become the real dean of magicians in Colombia . This master of magic had a daughter, Miriam Lorgia Vanegas, a woman showed long after the wonderful world of magic to his four year old son : Carlos Arturo. For that magical mix of mother love and  love the art of their ancestors , Carlos chose her surname to become ” CARLOS LORGIA”.

This man couldn´t be anything else in his life.  The magic was his wolrd, his playground, his appeal among college friends, in their daily lives. Grows and becomes assistant to a family member (Gustavo Lorgia Vanegas), until age 16, when he goes to his military service. The magic becoming popular in military uniforms where a tempting offer was received. A scholarship  for a military career. He declined the offer, preferring to enter  to Telecomunications College, where again the magic hands will put him in a scholarship. There he received the title of speaker, television and radio producer , and then receive a license for radio and television announcer . It was clear that the magic was his life and destiny , so he had to control his voice and the means to become what he always wanted : to be a professional magician . At 18 he had already visited several Latin American countries that title under his belt and the Colombian flag waving in his soul.

At age 19 , Lorgia receives the invitation of the Municipal Casino of Arica in Chile to make a presentation, which culminates with great success, and was invited to work in Santiago de Chile for four months . Since then CARLOS LORGIA has not lowered much scenaries international category, like the Canary Islands, some European countries, all of South America , parts of Central and North America, the Netherlands Antilles …

This magician Carlos Lorgia is a proof that dreams have their own magic. Born from a dream go through his hands like birds, and then become a reality, it does not come out of a black hat, nor the art of luck: this young man has proven succesful enough that can come true all dreams, it´s up of the commitment´s degree to this profession.  All dreams,  even that to be happy ourselves and make others happy.